Friends of Anton Fundraiser

View from another world, a father and son peer through the international boundary into the United States from Tijuana, Mexico.

Please find time to contribute if you can. If money is tight and you have a wonderful print, please consider donating it. Money raised from the print sales will go to educating Anton’s three young children.

For those of you who don’t know, Anton Hammerl was a South African photojournalist killed in Libya. His disappearance led to over a month of misinformation from Libyan forces loyal to the regime that provided a glimmer of hope to his family that he would be found alive. He wasn’t. He was apparently shot and left for dead in the desert. Sadly, his remains have not been recovered.

I didn’t know Anton. But he died pursuing a desire to inform the world with his photos. For that I have eternal respect and have donated the image above. I’m but a small, small cog and there are many big names from the photojournalism community who have contributed beautiful prints for auction. Please visit the site and read about Anton. If you can handle it, read the time line on the For the Press page. If you want a beautiful print from some famous photographers, this is a great opportunity to get one while helping a colleague’s family.

Please visit the site by clicking on the link or on the image above.



When to Donate

Another request today for an image that an organization would like to use without paying. Although in the majority of cases I respond with a standard request for usage information so that I can create a quote, this time was a bit different.

My concern over the evolution of photography has been well documented here. Even recently I wrote about the devaluation of images due to the availability of distribution platforms as well as the proliferation of digital cameras among the every day consumer. In other words, higher volume, easy sharing/distribution and general a disregard for quality or value has contributed to the belief that most images can be acquired for free. Well, that’s not the case for me, although I always weigh the request. Today’s request was just a bit different.

The Independence Fund, a non profit that helps disabled veterans acquire equipment, especially the iBot wheelchair that retails for $25, 000-$30,000, as well as raise funds used by the vets in leisure and athletic activities, requested the image below.

Participants in the National Veterans Summer Sports Clinic in San Diego, California

The request was to use the image in the header of a soon-to-be redesigned website in hopes of making it more attractive to potential contributors. After some basic research on The Independence Fund, I decided this was one of those times where it would be pathetic for me to charge anything. It’s a relatively small organization built around volunteer efforts to aid disabled veterans. In other words, it was time to donate.

There are countless ways to provide help to others, and everyone has a cause that is dear to them, but it’s essential that we all try to contribute in some form or fashion. This was just one of those opportunities and I’m glad for it. I know many of my friends and colleagues do the same (with a favorite among photographers being Do 1 Thing.)

To make a donation to the Independence Fund, click here.