Controversial Immigration Bill Signed into Law

Muddy footprints across a highway show the path undocumented migrants took entering the country from Agua Prieta, Mexico into Douglas, Arizona.

Immigration bill allowing police to question if immigrants are in the country legally was signed into law by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer today.

Placing the responsibility on police will lead only to racial profiling and push Arizona further towards a police state. The thought that people have to carry documents with them to prove they are in the country legally is beyond comprehension. Please, explain how a police officer is supposed to delineate between a “legal” and an “illegal” Latino man or woman? What if a citizen is asked for his or her papers but doesn’t have them? Well, they are likely to be detained until they can prove otherwise. Have we as a country gotten so anti-immigrant that we’ll actually throw citizens in jail for not having documents on hand?

Will the police ask Whites, Jews, Persians, Muslims, African Americans, Asians or Armenians if they have papers?

Enough said.


6 thoughts on “Controversial Immigration Bill Signed into Law

  1. I think this legislation is a terrible idea. There is a reason why local police were exempt from enforcing immigration law. The problem is that we have an inconsistent policy on immigration which is upsetting certain ignorant people. We need immigration reform just as badly as health care reform, however it will be even more difficult to reach a consensus on this.

  2. Well folks, it may be a bad idea, and extreme; but the problem in Arizona has gone beyond the extreme. Good, decent people have been murdered. If the federal government will come and build a fence and patrol road and prevent smugglers from crossing maybe AZ can repeal this law. Until then, yes people will be asked for papers if the Police believe they are in the country illegally. But that may be too much to digest for those of you who live in Los Angeles and spend two days a year at the border taking pictures and forming opinions.

    • I understand your perspective, Brian. However, your assumption of my “two days a year at the border taking pictures” is, of course, a naive assumption prevalent among conservative Arizonans. In fact, I’ve spent over 16 yrs documenting immigration and, surely unlike yourself, have spent significant time in over a dozen border towns in Texas, Arizona, California and New Mexico. I’ve spent years with border ranchers, vigilantes, US Border Patrol and CBP (land, air and marine divisions), in federal detention centers and at Minutemen gatherings among others. My work resides in the permanent collection at the California Museum of Photography. I’ve also spent time in Mexican border cities as well. I’ve earned the respect of many border residents (on both sides) who secretly (and not so secretly) laugh at the Minutemen and other armchair border specialists. I don’t proclaim to know it all, but I’m fairly certain my experience from all perspectives and from many, many locations along the 2000 mile border likely outweighs your limited involvement.

    • Where are you getting this information? According to reports from the CATO Institute and Department of Justice (link below) the violent crime rate in Arizona has steadily been decreasing even as illegal immigration has increased. In fact the data shows that illegal immigrants are less likely to commit crimes.
      Next time do your homework before you try to substantiate a bogus viewpoint and generalize a group of people under the name of reason.–lower-crime-15297

  3. When a mistake is made in politics the consequences are the most severe, since politics is about how organized violence is directed by the state(which has a legal monopoly on violence).

    And yet voters and politicians keep allowing decisions in politics to be based off of nothing but feelings, particularly fear and hysteria.

    Why not put some logic into politics? People get more worked up about issues when the media has catchy anecdotes then when statistics show something is a real problem.

    Like an above poster said the statistics show crime steadily decreasing. Political decisions should be made logically. If people would actually get their heads out of the sand and do their own research instead of sheepishly parroting what the media says should be important there wouldn’t have been support for the bill.

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